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Enjoy the healing benefits of CBD Hemp Oil!! 

Royal Labs Sublingual CBD Hemp Oils are available in 3 concentrations:  
300 MG, 750 MG, and 1500 MG per 30 ML bottle.

Royal Labs CBD Hemp Oil is derived from supercritical CO2 extraction - the purest form of extraction. CO2 extraction uses zero chemicals in the process ensuring the most potent and pure Hemp Oil on the market. For added safety, each batch of our CBD Hemp Oil goes through stringent ISO-certified 3rd party testing to ensure consistency and purity.

Known Features & Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil:

• Reduces anxiety and depression
• Decreases physiological effects of anxiety, such as an increased heart rate
• Improves symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Helps improve sleep and reduce insomnia
• Natural pain relief for arthritis, chronic pain, MS, and muscle strain/soreness
• Non-Psychoactive (Not Marijuana)
• 100% Legal in all 50 States

Learn more about CBD Hemp Oil works by visiting our CBD FAQ page.

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